• How much does a window replacement cost?
    Several factors determine the cost of new replacement windows. The pricing for our range of windows depends on:
    • Size of the window
    • Style of the window
    • The location of the home
    • The type of window chosen
  • Is the consultation free?
    Yes, we at Best Window offer free consultations. We offer digital as well as in-person consultation where our window experts understand your requirements. Our window expert will visit your home and measure the windows and customise your requirements. The expert will help you choose the colour, accessories and glass panes. After the consultation, a price quotation will be given that will include aluminium window frames cost, glass price and installation and labour cost.
  • How long will the installation process take?
    Once the windows are delivered, our team of highly-skilled technicians can install the windows in just a few hours. However, in some cases window installation may take more time, depending on the complexity of the work.
  • Is it worth replacing home windows?
    Yes, replacing your windows is a worthwhile investment. If your windows are draughty and rattly, it is advisable to replace them at the earliest. Premium aluminium windows may help add value and functionality to your home.
  • How do you measure the size of the window?
    The size of the window can be measured in terms of its width and height. The window of a residence is measured by the width of the opening at its lowest point and the height. The width and height is measured from an edge of one side to the other and is usually expressed as a fraction or decimal. The unit of measure is mm, meter or feet. For best results, the width and height is measured in three different locations (corners and centre) and along the diagonal edges in specific cases. 

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